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How to Clean the Air Post Fire

5/13/2022 (Permalink)

If you've ever been into a recently burned property, you're aware of the sting in your nose. It's unpleasant & hazardous. The odor is sulfur mixed with smoke. It's called Acrid. This needs to be removed from the property before the residents can reoccupy it. What’s the best way to get rid of it?

Smoke contains the residue of all the burned materials and it can be Caustic. Special equipment is used to completely clean the air.

  • Ozone Machines
  • Air Scrubbers

Ozone Machines destroy the Molecules, Bacteria, and Spores that cause unpleasant smells. Air Scrubbers clean the air by repeatedly moving it through HEPA filters which help reduce the smell.

What else is involved?

Other necessary steps involve: (1) Clean all the hard surfaces (2) Wash or treat clothes, drapes, carpets, and upholstery.

A fire doesn’t always destroy a building, smoke however, can ruin everything it contacts. Make sure you do all that’s needed to “clear the air.”

SERVPRO® of Tustin is here to help with all your fire damage needs. We are open 24/7, 365 days a year to help you get back to normal. Call us at (714) 480-1340

The Water Damage Process

5/3/2022 (Permalink)

Water Restoration Process

Water damage to your property can be a stressful & confusing event. SERVPRO® is here for the clean-up. The sooner you begin cleanup, the less likely you are to have secondary problems, such as mold growth. The following steps will guide you through the restoration process. 

Addressing the Water Source

Flooding may be due to broken pipes, a leaky roof, or other causes. The flow of water must be stopped before beginning clean-up. Although a temporary solution may allow you to get started on the restoration process, it is important to fully repair the problem to prevent future flooding. 

Remove Standing Water

To remove standing water SERVPRO® uses specialized water extractors. These extractors remove large amounts of water without damaging your carpet or flooring at your property.

The Dry Out

To completely dry the areas, Air Movers and Dehumidifiers are used to control airflow and climate. A drying system is then implemented to ensure your property dries as quickly and effectively as possible.

Sanitize Areas

Cleaning and sanitation efforts take place after the area is dried out. Anti-bacterial cleaners are used to sanitize and clean the area.

SERVPRO of Tustin is here to help with all your water damage needs. We are open 24/7 365 days a year to help you get back to normal. Call us at (714) 480-1340

Wildfire Cleanup | Phase I & II

5/2/2022 (Permalink)

wildfire season 2022 Our highly skilled and trained crew will provide visual assessments and determine the best solution for your property clean-up.

Phase I: Inspection

Assisting in Wildfire Clean-up all starts with the inspection. If your property was near a wildfire, the possibility of Smoke Damage is high. Smoke particles can sometimes be clearly visible, other times a more thorough inspection must take place. We look for where smoke settles... baseboards, windowsills, shelves, mantels, door frames, and other locations. 

Extensive damage requires establishing what hazardous materials are present. All hazardous materials must be addressed and removed before Ash and Debris can be removed. 

Phase II: Cleaning & Removal

Smoke Damaged is addressed in three parts, 1) HEPA vacuum, 2) the wipe down, and 3) odor removal. 

A HEPA vacuum is used to collect loose particles. After all the surfaces are vacuumed, surfaces are wiped with a microfiber cloth. With the use of Microfiber Technology, affected surfaces are wiped down and cleaned. Microfiber Cleaning Cloths can collect particles at a .3 micron level, while smoke particles are commonly 1 micron in size. After the wipe down, the surfaces will be HEPA vacuumed once more to collect fallen particles. O-zone Machines & Hydroxyl Generators are specialty equipment that cleans the air, breaking down odor molecules.

For extensive wildfire clean-ups, after hazardous materials are removed, Ash and Debris can be discarded and the remaining structure can be cleaned. If reconstruction services are required, our Director of Construction is available to address your reconstruction needs.

SERVPRO® of Tustin is Your Wildfire Clean-up Team!

You don't need to handle Wildfire clean-up on your own. For the safety of everyone around, professionals should be tasked to handle and dispose of hazardous materials and debris. SERVPRO® of Tustin specializes in clean-up services, including Fire Clean-up.

Our highly skilled and trained crew will provide visual assessments and determine the best solution for your property clean-up.

Wild Fire season is coming! Call SERVPRO® of Tustin to schedule an inspection of your property! (714) 480-1340

Maintain Your Fire Extinguishers

5/2/2022 (Permalink)

Fire extinguishers must be in working order to perform properly. OSHA regulations stipulate that commercial businesses must inspect their portable fire extinguishers monthly. This practice would also be beneficial for Homeowners who possess a fire extinguisher. Know what to check and how to make sure your extinguishers are working properly.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection


All fire extinguishers should be easy to locate and easy to see. If it cannot be easily seen or reached, the extinguisher should be relocated so that it can be more easily accessed. 

Pressure Gauge 

The pressure gauge should be pointing to the green area, known as the operating zone. This zone means the extinguisher is ready for use. If the needle is to the left or the right of the operating zone, the extinguisher has lost pressure and needs to be recharged or is under too much pressure and is at risk of a leak or a cylinder failure. Call a fire professional right away if the pressure gauge is outside of the operating zone.

Inspection Tag

The inspection tag identifies when the last annual inspection took place and when the next one is due. If there is no inspection tag the extinguisher should be inspected and a new one will be attached.


Lastly, the extinguisher needs to be checked thoroughly for damage or deterioration. Check the label and serial number to make sure it can still be read. Check for dents and punctures, as well as rust and corrosion. The hose should still be securely fastened to the extinguisher and free of cracks or other damage. Also, the locking pin should be present and fastened correctly and securely. The extinguisher must also have a tamper seal. This will indicate if anyone has attempted to use or discharge the unit.  If any extinguishers are damaged or tampered with, have them professionally inspected immediately.

Record Your Findings

Write your name or initials, signature, and date of inspection to confirm that it has been done. After you’ve signed off, write a report that describes any issues and the steps required to remedy them. 

Following these guidelines will ensure your extinguishers will be ready for use in case of fire.

When a disaster strikes, SERVPRO® is here to help. Call SERVPRO® of Tustin for your disaster recovery needs. From Fire and Water damage to sanitization, we are there to assist you. Call us at: (714) 480-1340

Water Damage From Garden Hose

5/1/2022 (Permalink)

Watering with a garden hose A regular garden hose can spill 24 gallons of water per minute!

Summer is right around the corner, and for most people, it means spending more time outside. Whether that time is spent watering your garden, hooking up a slip n slide, or filling up an inflatable pool, they all require a garden hose. A 25-foot, 1/2-inch hose with water at 40 psi has a flow rate of 24 GALLONS per minute. That is a lot of water in a not too long period of time, especially when you think of how much can come out in an hour. That is why it is EXTREMELY important to make sure that when watering your garden or plants that you not forget about your hose and accidentally leave it running. Walking away from your hose while it is on can cause water to saturate the ground around your home causing mold and potentially even damaging your foundation!

A leaking garden hose can cause extensive water damage to your home due to the long period of time that the water might be entering your home. Here are some tips for things to look for when you come across a leaky hose or faucet, and how you can stop the water from damaging your home. 

First and foremost, determine where the leak on your hose is actually coming from. Finding the source of the leak should be relatively easy, but depending on the location of said leak will determine the severity of the problem and how much effort it will take to fix it. If your hose is leaking from the connection to the faucet, your problem likely lies with either the spigot itself or the hose fitting. If water is coming up from around the handle, most likely your packing washer is worn out, or the packing nut may need to be tightened. However, if water only leaks when your hose is secured to the spigot, then you need to check to see if water is leaking around the actual connection, or from below the fitting, in which case you may need a new hose. 

When a disaster strikes, SERVPRO® is there to clean up the mess. Call SERVPRO® of Tustin, Orange/ Villa Park, Santa Ana, Irvine/ Foothills Ranch for your disaster recovery needs. From Fire and Water damage to sanitization, we are there to assist you. Call us at: (714) 480-1340

Customers Ask: "What Do I Do if a Tree Fell on My Roof?"

4/26/2022 (Permalink)

fallen tree roof damage repair to home or business near me compton What is the process when a tree falls on your roof?

When a tree falls on your roof, it causes many problems: it damages your home’s structure, exposes your home to the elements, & increases the risk of other damage from electrical sources. What is the process when a tree falls on your roof?

  1. Contact the necessary people. You'll want to call your insurance company to consider coverage. You'll also want to contact a Roofer and a Tree Removal company. Can SERVPRO® help? We sure can! We're able to perform tarping as well as water restoration if the interior of your house was exposed to the elements.
  2. Remove the tree. This might seem like an obvious step, but we can't address the problem until the damaged area of your roof has been cleared. 
  3. Tarp exposed areas. A fallen tree will likely cause damage to your roof, leaving it exposed. To ensure outside elements don’t get in and cause more damage, tarping temporarily protects your home. 
  4. Contact a roofing company. Even if the roof is tarped, you’ll need to contact a roofing company to determine the next phase of repairs. 

A fallen tree can cause a lot of damage and headache, but with the above steps, you can get your life back on track. Leave it to SERVPRO®, we'll make it "Like it never even happened."

For Tree Removal or Tarping Services, call SERVPRO® of Tustin at (714) 480-1340.

3 Steps to Prevent Fires at Your Business

4/24/2022 (Permalink)

fire escape plan Make sure your employees know the fire evacuation plan and practice it!

Prevent fires in your business with these 3 steps

As a business owner, you must plan to protect your employees and customers. Without proper preparation, a fire could have deadly consequences. Follow the three steps below and help protect and guide your employees in case of a fire.

1. Perform a Risk Assessment

Evaluate your property and check for any possible risks that may lead to a fire. This may include any open flames, old electrical wiring, or overloaded outlets. This first step is crucial in knowing what could go wrong.

2. Test Fire Protection Equipment

Fire Protection equipment includes Smoke Detectors and Fire Extinguishers. These items need to be tested and replaced occasionally. Note these items so they will always stay current. 

3. Create & Practice an Evacuation Plan

Have a floor plan for your facility. Mark the exit routes and have the plan visible to your employees. Practice the plan so everyone will be prepared in case of a Fire.

Take the time to prepare your facility for a Fire. Don't overlook these important safety tips!

SERVPRO® of Tustin is here for all your Fire Restoration needs. Contact us 24/7 for emergency services at (714) 480-1340.

Prevent Roof Leaks

4/22/2022 (Permalink)

Maintenance is crucial for the longevity of your roof. Your roof is the first line of defense against elements of weather. What can you do if your roof is leaking? Inspecting it yourself can seem daunting, and hiring a roofer may be costly. Is there a simpler solution?

What to Do During a Storm:

If you catch a leak during a storm...

  1. Locate the Source of the Leak

If you don't have a leak detector, infrared camera, or infrared camera app, you can locate the source manually.

Leaks most commonly occur near roof protrusions such as chimneys, vents, plumbing, or anything protruding through your roofing material. Look closely for water staining. If it's currently raining you may be able to trace the drips.

    2. Prevent Further Damage

Once you've located the leak, take the necessary measures to prevent further damage. Use a bucket or pan to collect dripping water. If water is pooling in the ceiling, a small puncture will relieve the pressure and allow the water to drain.

Use roofing materials such as traps, sandbags, or boards to cover the leak and prevent water from entering a home.

Prevent Future Leaks to Your Roof:

    1. Check the Attic

Common attic problems could be a direct culprit to your roof leaks. During your next roof inspection, don't forget to check the attic. Signs of Mold, Soaked insulation, Stains around Nails, or Clogged Intake Vents will be clear signs.

    2. Inspect, Inspect, Inspect!

Gutters, Shingles, and Protruding Parts can all lead to leaks. Clogged gutters can cause water back up under your shingles or other roofing materials. Shingles need to be properly secured, and missing/broken shingles need to be replaced. As we learned earlier, protruding parts are the main culprits of roof leaks. Make sure the seals are tight so water can't leak through.

If you have questions regarding roof leaks, contact SERVPRO® of Tustin. We're here to help with all flooding and roof leak needs. Call us at (714) 480-1340.

Can a Property Be Restored from Black Water?

4/21/2022 (Permalink)

When a flood takes place, our team of highly trained technicians examines the characteristics of the affected area to determine what category or how severe the water damage is. Category 3, or Black Water as its also known, is the worst and most damaging as this water is considered hazardous.

  • What is Black Water?

Black Water or Category 3 Water is defined as commonly defined as water originating from sewage, but really is any water that harmful chemicals and/or bacteria. 

  • How do we restore damage from Black Water?

If your property is affected by black water, it is extremely important to let trained experts handle the restoration of the space. Because of the extremely contaminated nature of Category 3, specific quarantine and safety protocols are used to ensure full sanitization and restoration of the affected area. 

When a disaster strikes, SERVPRO® is there to clean up the mess. Call SERVPRO® of Tustin for your disaster recovery needs. From Fire and  Water Damage to sanitization, we are there to assist you. Call us at: (714) 480-1340

Top 3 Causes for Commercial Fires

4/21/2022 (Permalink)

fire extinguishers Is your facility taking the proper safety precautions?

A commercial building needs to be prepared for whatever happens. A building generating business and revenue can't lack safety measures for its property. One of the top risks to mitigate is Fire Damage. Commercial Fires happen more often than the news may tell. Here are the Top 3 Causes for Commercial Fires.

1. Cooking Equipment

Cooking equipment = restaurants. High temperatures, grease, and oil make kitchen fires all too common.

If your property is a healthcare facility or any other facility with cooking equipment, is a fire extinguisher near? Remember, think safe & think smart.

2. Heating Equipment

Some commercial buildings require heating to operate effectively. Heating from mechanical equipment, furnaces, boilers, and radiators is at risk of overheating and starting a fire.

  • 14% of these fires take place in industrial or manufacturing properties.

3. Electrical & Lighting Equipment

Electrical wiring and lighting can be found in just about any and all buildings. Some wiring can be older or defective than others, causing overloaded circuits, loose connections, faulty fuses, imbalanced electrical loads, and many other electrical or lighting problems.

  • 12% of these fires take place in office properties.

Keep your commercial building safe. Regular inspections and maintenance help mitigate the risk of fire damage. The additional use of Fire Extinguishers and Fire Sprinklers keeps the risk low.

SERVPRO® of Tustin are professionals in Cleaning, Restoration, & Construction. If a fire has impacted your building in any way, call us at (714) 480-1340.