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Commercial Flood Insurance in Tustin

SERVPRO of Tustin and SERVPRO of Orange / Villa Park is interested in helping the businesses in our community become more educated on flood insurance. According to FEMA, 40% of small businesses do not reopen after experiencing a devastating flood.

Storm clouds can be seen in an area in southern California.

Storm Damage in Tustin?

We are leaders in storm damage restoration in Orange County. SERVPRO® of Tustin and SERVPRO® of Orange/Villa Park is Here to Help when storm damage strikes, to learn more read our recent storm blog here

Kitchen with lots of contents on the floor, dirty kitchen,clean kitchen

Hoarding cleanup

SERVPRO of Tustin was called to this home to cleanup a hoarding situation. Upon arrival we accessed the damages and were approved to move forward with the cleanup.  All debris was removed along with the carpet.  The rooms were cleaned top to bottom.  Once the carpet was replaced, it was “like it never even happened”.  No job is too big or too small for our team of professionals

Water heater closet showing mold damage, remediation was done and rebuild afterwards

Mold Remediation to HVAC/Water Heater closet

When our customer found mold in his HVAC/water heater closet, He didn’t hesitate to contact SERVPRO of Tustin. Our customer requested that we do all of the work from the mold remediation to the reconstruction. We coordinated moving the water heater so that the customer still had hot water while we did our work.  Once the base was rebuilt, the water heater was reinstalled and the closet was back to better than before. 

kitchen with lots of contents before and dining room with collapsed ceiling before and after demolition

Water damage caused by toilet supply line

SERVPRO of Tustin was called in on an emergency flood caused by a toilet supply line on the second floor.  It resulted in a collapsed ceiling and water throughout the downstairs.

We worked closely with the insurance company to get the emergency services expedited and the dry down completed promptly.  Our client was happy that the reconstruction could start the next week.


Commercial flood

When a fire sprinkler riser failed, it flooded an office/warehouse. Our customer needed to get back to business stat. SERVPRO of Tustin was there ASAP to help with restoring their building. Standing water was extracted and mud removed.  Contents were shifted, taken out of cartons where needed and cleaned.  Walls that were contaminated were cut and treated.  Then, SERVPRO set equipment to dry the building structure.

Document Restoration

As a SERVPRO franchise, we have access to SERVPRO's state of the art document restoration facility. Using the latest vacuum freeze-drying technology along with gamma radiation technology, the SERVPRO document restoration team will restore your documents to their preloss condition!

Roof Leak Leads To Water Damage Inside Orange Home

A home in Orange fell victim to a leaky roof during our most recent rain storm. The homeowner called us to assist them with getting their roof tarped, which we were able to do to prevent any further damage from additional rain. Unfortunately, it was a case of too little too late, as the rain water had already made its way inside. As you can see in the photo, there was already a good amount of staining in the ceiling from the water intrusion by the time our team was called out. 

Garage Ceiling Has Water Damage From Rain

Is your roof in good shape? You may want to consider inspecting and repairing your roof before the next rain storm. The photo above shows a garage ceiling in Rancho Santa Margarita that was damaged during a rain storm earlier this year. The rain wasn't heavy, but it did last for a few hours - enough time to cause a considerable amount of water damage. 

Fire in Costa Mesa Restaurant

Above you can see the aftermath of a fire that originated at an electrical appliance in a Costa Mesa restaurant. The fire spread quickly, causing damage to all of the kitchen equipment as well as much of the drywall. The entire space was covered in soot and debris. SERVPRO of Tustin received the call to restore the restaurant. 

Wood Floor Recovery Mats

After the water line to the fridge burst causing water damage to the wood floor in the kitchen and family room of  an Irvine home, SERVPRO of Tustin arrived on the scene and began mitigation. Because the homeowners took action early (before the wood floor began to buckle), our technicians were able to set a floor mat system to dry the affected area and return the wood floor to its preloss condition. 

Water Trapped In Office Ceiling

This photo shows what happens when water gets trapped in the ceiling by latex paint. As you can see, the water pools and creates large bubbles in the ceiling's paint. If that bursts, it can create quite the mess. SERVPRO of Tustin technicians are highly trained and equipped to handle this kind of water damage. 

Rain Causes Water Damage in Huntington Beach Dining Room

A rain storm earlier this year caused some water damage in the exterior wall of a Huntington Beach home's dining room. It appears that the water intruded through the exterior wall near an old bay window. The interior of the drywall just beneath the window was saturated. Our technicians had to cut out a small amount of drywall in order to properly dry the wall and avoid secondary mold damage. 

Removing Smoke Odor In Santa Ana Home After Fire

After a home in Santa Ana had an electrical fire, SERVPRO of Tustin technicians were called out to the job to clean up. We dried the areas of the home that were wet from attempts to put out the fire. We also cleaned all affected areas and set an ozone machine (pictured) that was able to remove all of the smoke smell left after the fire. When our team left, it was "Like it never even happened."

Flooded Irvine Office Building

When an office building in Irvine experienced a flood after a toilet overflow in a common area bathroom,  they called SERVPRO of Tustin to assist them with the dry out needed. Our team set equipment to dry the carpet. We also sanitized the affected areas since the loss was caused by a toilet overflow. 

Gym Floor Restoration at an Irvine Church

SERVPRO of Tustin was called out to restore a gym floor for a church in Irvine. Looking to save the wood gym floor, our technicians set drying mats in the affected areas and were able to dry the floor without having to remove any of the wood. SERVPRO of Tustin always has a restore over replace mentality!

iPad Charger Sets Patio on Fire at Trabuco Canyon Home

An iPad charger caught fire after being left plugged into an extension cord on a patio at a Trabuco Canyon home. SERVPRO of Tustin was dispatched for emergency services. Our technicians were able to clean and treat the areas of the patio that were affected by the fire. 

Restore VS. Replace Mentality

One thing that sets SERVPRO apart from other restoration companies is that we always strive to restore everything that we can without removing or replacing anything. Sometimes there's nothing we can do, but replacing flooring, etc. is always our last resort. 

SERVPRO green equipment set up in home

Mold Found Under Kitchen Sink After A Water Loss In An Orange Home

SERVPRO of Tustin was called out for emergency services after a home in Orange suffered a water loss due to a leak from the supply line under the sink. Upon removal of wet cabinets under the sink, out technicians discovered mold. We sent our mold crews to treat the area. They set a containment for the affected area and placed a dehumidifier and air scrubbers to treat the area with mold. 

Soot Causes Fire in Santa Ana Home

Soot from a vapor fell onto the couch in this Santa Ana home, and upon the homeowners return, the couch was set ablaze. Contents in the living room were damaged in the fire and the walls were covered in soot. SERVPRO of Tustin was able to restore the living room to its previous condition. 

Air scrubber in containment

Mold Remediation Using Air Scrubber

SERVPRO of Tustin technicians set up a containment in this Huntington Beach home and placed an air scrubber to remove mold spore particles from the affected area. Air Scrubbers use a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter to capture the small particles of the mold spores. The HEPA air scrubbers essentially replace the dirty moldy air with clean fresh air through ventilation.   

mold growth on slab

Slab Leak in Mission Viejo Home Causes Mold

SERVPRO of Tustin was called out to a home in Mission Viejo after the homeowner discovered wet cabinets in the kitchen from an apparent slab leak. Upon arrival, our crew found 10 square feet of mold beneath the kitchen sink where the slab leak occurred. We set a containment after discovering the mold.

Roof Collapse From Rain and Hail Storm

A roof collapsed at a large warehouse in the city of Industry during a late night rain and hail storm. Our crews responded in the middle of the night and began clearing contents so that they could set containments and begin the water removal process. 

warehouse with mold growth

Mold Containment in the City of Industry

Our crew came across mold in a warehouse in the City of Industry after the roof collapsed during a hail and rain storm. This is a large warehouse that requires a lot of contents to be moved. Our crew set up a containment for the affected areas in order to keep the mold from spreading while they continued to move contents from the flooded warehouse. 

Commercial Loss with Large Loss Team

No job is too big or too small for SERVPRO of Tustin to handle. We regularly do water, fire, and mold jobs for large, high rise office buildings throughout Orange County. When there is an extensive amount of damage, the SERVPRO Large Loss team comes in to help us.

SERVPRO team in front of warehouse

The Right Crew with the Right Stuff

Get your stuff handled by professionals. When hoarding has affected your family we can help. Throughout Orange County, we can help with getting your hoarding handled. If it's your aunt in Anaheim, your brother in Buena Park, your sister in Cypress, your mother in La Mirada, your nephew in Newport Beach, your father in Fountain Valley, or your grandmother in Laguna Woods - we can help.

Commercial Water Damage in Irvine

This was the aftermath of a commercial building water damage flood in Irvine. When we arrived, there was significant damage to carpet, drywall and more. We make disasters "Like it never even happened."

Home of a hoarder who had a fire

Hoarding in Tustin Home

Hoarding can cause a lot of damage to a property. There is a lot more to hoarding cleanup than simply organizing and cleaning the area. Many hoarding areas are breeding grounds for mold and other hazardous waste. Our crews are trained to properly dispose of waste and to disinfect the affected area.

Owners Who Can Do It All!

Bill Bisaha, owner, stepping in to help the SERVPRO of Tustin Team on a warehouse flood. Our owners have years of industry experience, and aren't afraid to get their hands dirty when called upon.