Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Roof Leak Leads To Water Damage Inside Orange Home

A home in Orange fell victim to a leaky roof during our most recent rain storm. The homeowner called us to assist them with getting their roof tarped, which we were able to do to prevent any further damage from additional rain. Unfortunately, it was a case of too little too late, as the rain water had already made its way inside. As you can see in the photo, there was already a good amount of staining in the ceiling from the water intrusion by the time our team was called out. 

Garage Ceiling Has Water Damage From Rain

Is your roof in good shape? You may want to consider inspecting and repairing your roof before the next rain storm. The photo above shows a garage ceiling in Rancho Santa Margarita that was damaged during a rain storm earlier this year. The rain wasn't heavy, but it did last for a few hours - enough time to cause a considerable amount of water damage. 

Rain Causes Water Damage in Huntington Beach Dining Room

A rain storm earlier this year caused some water damage in the exterior wall of a Huntington Beach home's dining room. It appears that the water intruded through the exterior wall near an old bay window. The interior of the drywall just beneath the window was saturated. Our technicians had to cut out a small amount of drywall in order to properly dry the wall and avoid secondary mold damage. 

Roof Collapse From Rain and Hail Storm

A roof collapsed at a large warehouse in the city of Industry during a late night rain and hail storm. Our crews responded in the middle of the night and began clearing contents so that they could set containments and begin the water removal process.